The future looks bright for the Lakeville Area Public Schools but Terry feels there are challenges facing the district. His priorities include:

Student Success
The district has a number of recent innovative programs to better meet student needs including: Link K-12, STEM expansion, Impact Academy, Ignite, and MNCAPS. These programs take time to be fully implemented and Terry wants to be a part of this exciting growth period to ensure that the programs are successful for all.

Middle School Programming
Much of the additional funding provided by the passage of levies in 2013 and 2015 was used to reduce class size in the elementary and high schools along with restoring many programs that were affected by earlier budget cuts (i.e. elementary art and band). Terry feels that work needs to be done at the middle schools in the areas of class size, the lack of a teaming system, and the small number of elective choices for middle school students. He also would like the board to continue to solicit community and staff input and involvement to help guide any future restoration efforts or changes.

Community Involvement
Terry would like to expand the district’s efforts to involve more community members in our schools. Tapping groups such as empty nesters, young adults, and the retired community would benefit both the school district and members of these groups.

Long-Term Planning
Terry is a member of the long-term facilities task force which is charged with looking out over 10 years into the future to determine what needs the district may have in the areas of security, facility maintenance, and current/future education facility needs. He wants to be a part of implementing this proactive approach to future needs that is based on sound fiscal principles.