I’m Terry Lind, and I am running for re-election to the Lakeville Public Schools Board of Education.

I have been involved in education in Lakeville for more than 40 years. I am still excited about serving the needs of all community members and believe I continue to positively affect school board decisions. This time, my priorities will focus on increasing student success, expanding community involvement in the system, and dealing with issues resulting from the pandemic and its aftermath. As always, your support is greatly appreciated. 

Being a secondary teacher, an elementary teacher, and an elementary principal in the district has given me a clear understanding of the community, parents, teachers, and students. I feel that my educational experience continues to positively impact decisions that are made on the board level. Also, while two of my four goals stated in 2016 have been accomplished (middle school redesign and long term facility planning), much still needs to be done in the areas of student success and expanding community involvement.  I would like to expand our efforts in both of these areas.


Student Success – Student achievement, as measured by the MCA’s, has had a gradual but steady decline since 2012.  While achievement remains high, our district is no longer rated in the top 10% of Minnesota school districts. Teachers are the experts in education, and I would like to see them more empowered in the development of successful learning strategies that would meet the needs in each of our building’s unique cultures. Student success also includes emotional and social success. While efforts in these areas have expanded at the secondary level, more needs to be done in our elementary schools.

Community Involvement – I would like to expand community involvement, especially with groups that historically have not had much ownership in our schools. Tapping groups such as empty nesters, young adults, and the retired community would be of great benefit both to the school district and to the members of these groups. I would like to see a task force formed that would look at ways this could be accomplished.

Dealing with Covid and Its Aftermath – The pandemic has affected everyone’s lives and will continue to have lasting effects even after the pandemic. I feel that, as a result of our on-line learning experience, we need to look at both how we can deliver instruction more effectively in this area and, more importantly, how we can better meet the social and emotional challenges faced by our students and staff as a result of the pandemic. I would also like to see the district serve as a resource for parents, helping them cope with these same issues.

About Terry

Terry was first elected to the Lakeville Public School Board of Education in 2012. He currently serves on multiple district committees that include the Teaching and Learning Advisory Council, the Transportation Safety Zone Committee, and the District Shared Leadership Team.

Terry has been involved in education in Lakeville for more than 40 years and has served as a junior high school teacher, an elementary school media generalist, and, for 18 years, as an elementary school principal at both JFK Elementary School and at Lakeview Elementary School.

Terry is active in the community as a member of the Lakeville Lions’ Club (currently serving as a director on the board) and Lakeville Cable TV Board. He is a 30-year member of the Air National Guard.

He holds Bachelor of Science degrees in History and English, Master’s degrees in Educational Administration and Educational Media and a 6-year Certificate in Educational Administration.

Terry and his wife, Glenda, have two children who attended Lakeville Public Schools and currently have three grandchildren in school — a preschooler at Crystal Lake Education Center, a 4th grader at Lakeview Elementary, and a sophomore at Lakeville South.

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