Terry Lind

My name is Terry Lind,
and I am running for re-election to the Lakeville Area Public Schools Board of Education.

It has been a great honor to serve on the school board during the past four years, working for the parents, students, staff and the entire Lakeville community to make the school district the best it can be.

The future looks bright for the school district but I feel there are still many challenges I would like to address if re-elected. My priorities include:

  • Student success
  • Middle School programming
  • Community involvement
  • Long-term planning

I’ve been involved in education in Lakeville for more than forty years and I feel I have a clear understanding of the community, parents, staff and students. It’s an exciting time for our schools and I would like to continue my role on the school board.

I appreciate your support and hope that you will contact me with your ideas and questions. Join me for coffee (see ‘Talk With Terry’), email or call.

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Letters of Support

Thank you, Jack Wolf

Thank you, Kelly Barke

Thank you, Amy Willingham

Thank you, Christine Preston

Thank you, Ed Mako.

Thank you, Sarah Stowell.

Thank you, Rick Ringeisen.

Candidate Forum

Hosted by Lakeville Chamber of Commerce 9/28/2016